NIU Alumni Show

Reception: 9/20, 5–8 pm
Exhibition: 9/4–10/19

Elburn Fire Station

Pancake Breakfast and Raffle
September 23, 2018

Arts Fest Show

Reception: 9/7, 6–8 pm
Exhibition: 9/7–9/29

Outlaw Joe Drawing

Read about the purpose and steps involved in the drawing process.

Buy Prints

Some portraits are available for print on demand.

Purpose Per Pose

Tell visual stories with custom portrait drawings.

Custom Portrait Drawing

We all have a story to tell and a purpose per pose. A portrait visualizes an event, celebration, or experience that words, photos, songs, or videos cannot. A combination of thought, character, state of mind, emotion, and pose expresses the moment to remember and inspire daily. The custom portraits combine elements of personality and experience that go beyond just representation. Fill your walls with the faces you know and love!

Time-lapse Process

Each portrait is drawn with an Apple Pencil on an iPad to create great detail and printing capabilities. Drawings general take 10-15 hours to complete. View the time-lapse videos to see the custom portrait drawing process in action.

David Wennemar

My goal is order through design and transcendence through art. I currently work full-time as a Senior Graphic Designer at ECI  and draw custom portraits throughout the week.