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Portrait Process by David Wennemar

Please fill out the form and attach some photos. I’ll email a review and then a rough layout is created. When the layout is approved, the drawing begins. When the drawing is completed, the file (8.5" x 11", 300 DPI, JPG) will be emailed for you to print how you would like. ($500 per portrait) Let’s start the portrait process!




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Custom Portraits

We all have a story to tell and a purpose per pose. A portrait visualizes an event, celebration, or experience that words, photos, songs, or videos cannot. A combination of thought, character, state of mind, emotion, and pose expresses the moment to remember and inspire daily. Some portrait artists just create representations of photographs and do not add the dimension of purpose. Transcend the moment with a surreal portrait that gets inside the experience of life.

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Please provide some information below and I’ll email you a quote. A design will be provided for review. When approved, the design files will be emailed to you or uploaded online. Let’s start a design project!




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Graphic Design

Order, clarity, beauty, and honesty are some of the thoughts that come to mind when designing. Design is meant to work and to nurture action to help the world function and flourish. Through strategy, branding, logos, websites, videos, animations, print materials, and illustrations, missions become visualized. The visual tone of the business or organization builds the strong framework of communication between owners, employees, and clients.

David Wennemar

Always aiming for order through design and transcendence through art, I try to visualize vision. Growing up drawing and holding a degree in Visual Communications, the path of creativity constantly unfolds. Let us work together to balance sense with reason and create positive change for an amazing tomorrow!