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Artist Statement

“My drawings incorporate realistic elements in a surrealistic story. I like how the human form is timeless, captivating, and always challenging to draw. I use relatable elements with the figure to draw context to content. There is a constant sense of hope, a little humor, and trying to go beyond the everyday in each drawing. Using my background in graphic design, I design the layout before drawing so that there is a balanced juxtaposition. After drawing for many years traditionally, drawing digitally is becoming a new tradition. The drawings are drawn with an Apple Pencil on an iPad tablet using the Adobe Sketch application. This new way of drawing digitally allows for having different layers, zooming abilities, and the undo button. Through transcending the unexpected and giving purpose per pose, I draw to visualize the moments of wonder as the work grows.”

Artist Bio

David Wennemar was born in Sycamore, Illinois and attended Northern Illinois University, receiving a B.F.A. in Graphic Design in 2003. Life drawing classes at NIU reinforced his understanding of body proportions and composition. He has worked as a graphic designer in Chicago and Maryland. David currently works full-time in Elburn, IL as a Senior Graphic Designer for Exclamation Communications, Inc! and draws throughout the week. He is also a member of the St. Charles Arts Council and Water Street Studios. His drawings have been in gallery shows at NIU and St. Charles. David has given presentations about his art at local schools and organizations. His artistic discipline has produced an amazing body of work that continues to inspire and grow each day.

Artist CV

Contact Information
David Wennemar

Northern Illinois University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, 2003

Winterfest Art Market at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL

11/2/18 Monochrome Violet Show at Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, IL

9/7/18 St. Charles Arts Council Arts Fest Pop-Up Fine Art Gallery

9/4/18 Golden: Northern Illinois University School of Art and Design 50th Anniversary Juried Alumni Show in Jack Arends Hall, DeKalb, IL

6/23/18 St. Charles Arts Council Celebration Pop-Up Gallery Fine Art Show in St. Charles

4/21/18 St. Charles Arts Council Ramble Pop-Up Gallery Fine Art Show in St. Charles

Presentations and Community
9/23/18 Elburn Fire Station Pancake Breakfast sponsorship and free drawing raffle

9/8/18 The Keep Creative Live Art Open House Presenting in St. Charles

5/14/18 John Stewart Elementary School Art in the Classroom Talk and Demonstration

4/10/18 St. Charles North High School Career Day Talk to Students

St. Charles Arts Council, St. Charles, IL
Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL