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“Outlaw Joe” is a drawing telling a story of a man that enjoys Egyptology, John Denver, 7-11, travel, movies, M&Ms, Whoppers, and coupon deals. He refers to himself as an out-law instead of an in-law to family because of the lack of musicality. Joe is wanted for delivering jokes and being jovial. (Thanks goes to Phil Romans for the great photo portrait of Joe.)

My husband turned 70 and David captured him perfectly in his custom portrait. He included all his favorite things and quirks That describes him so well. Fantastic job!! Thanks.

Mary Strassner

Rough Layout

The rough layout for the portrait is created in Photoshop to quickly put in the facial pose and elements. The layout gives the drawing phase order without being too concerned with different lighting or detailed trimming. Through the drawing process, the face and elements come together in a cohesively drawn style.

Drawing Time-lapse

I draw each portrait with an Apple Pencil on an iPad. The process is digital drawing, but still incorporates the technical skill of drawing on paper with the added bonus of layers, erasing, and an undo button. The original drawing is in the cloud and ready to be downloaded for printing or screen use. Here is a time-lapse video of my drawing process. This drawing took 17 hours to complete which includes the layout and drawing times.


The final artwork was requested to be uploaded to the Costco Photo Center for printing on metal at 11 x 14. The artwork was placed in Joe’s home and he is very pleased with his birthday present. It is a daily reminder of his interests and to keep thriving each day.

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