Ballpoint Pen Puns


Puns have always been part of my personal humor and also relationships to concepts. Ballpoint pen is a very vivid and unrelenting medium that calls for a meditative drawing feel. Through ballpoint and puns, I’ve tried to develop a series of solutions to solve relationships between humor and realization. Each artwork is 8.5 x 11, original, matted, and $200 each.

Toad (Towed) by David Wennemar

Toad (Towed)

While I was traveling in the minivan with my wife, daughter, and son, we talked about how my son was helping baby toads over a wall at the playground the other day. This lead to thinking of how the toads are essentially getting towed out of their situation, but what if the toad towed. Then what would a toad tow? What type of car is actually called a bug? Yes, the toad could tow a Volkswagen Beetle Lady Bug. Then what would the toad tow it with: sticks, feet, mouth? The toad would tow the bug with its tongue. A play on words makes for a great play on surrealistic visuals! I created a ballpoint pen drawing to meditate on this idea.

Change: There are way too many vehicles on the road today that reek havoc on our air pollution and wildlife. Toads are victims of this and sometimes get flattened by vehicles as well. Please walk or ride bicycles, carpool, use public transportation, and buy electric if possible.

Belief (Bee Leaf)

What is belief? Belief is trusting that something is true. It is an opinion on existing. So for example if I told you I saw a bee leaf the other day would you believe me? A leaf that was also a bee, really? If I believe does that make it false? What is your reality? Life is full of beliefs flying and buzzing all around that are sweet or that sting. I created a ballpoint pen drawing to meditate on this idea by making a bee leaf or belief as one could pronounce it two ways. These two ways of pronunciation uncovers a way of thinking about opinion and conviction. I combined a honey bee with leaves of a lilac flower. Lilac could also be a play on words denoting a “lie lack” so as to have a lack of lying when professing a belief.

Change: Honey bees are declining due to the shrinking amount of flower-rich habitats in their area. Plant a bee garden:

Belief (Bee Leaf) by David Wennemar
Soul (Sole) by David Wennemar

Soul (Sole)

Is the soul an essence of who we are? My sole helps me walk a path illuminated by the sun or sol. The path towards enlightenment is walked as the concept of a soul is felt. My heels stride towards heeling with nature’s light beaming through my steps. The soul becomes a realization of a path enlightened and a beam of light inspired. The essence of existing walks towards the light of day. I created a ballpoint pen drawing to meditate on the idea of a soul. Thinking of both the other two ways of saying soul: sole and sol, I thought about the act of finding my path and how we are all stardust. Using my foot with the sun or sol at my sole seemed a good pun to use for visualizing the soul. The wrinkles of time in the pathways of skin and the clouds flowing through the foot give a mountainous feel upward from the light.

Change: Walking towards a brighter future we must use solar energy to nurture the soul.

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