The Exquisite Series


The Exquisite Series is a reference to the Exquisite Corpse style invented by the beginning Surrealists in that the images are collectively assembled, but through objects around my home at various times and days while I am the only player drawing on unfolded paper. Each artwork is 8.5 x 11, original, matted, and $75 each.

Exquisite 1

Exquisite 1

A baby doll arm stems from a lima bean plant that touches an L on a Mother’s Day rose with leaves and flowers from porch drawings underneath blooms a spider plant flower to anchor the balance.

Exquisite 2

My hand holds a nest with a dove’s egg and a tiny umbrella while a columbine flower from our yard unfolds as a little bee lands on it in the wind with a maple leaf stretching veins similar to the lines of my hand.

Exquisite 2
Exquisite 3

Exquisite 3

A chopped Taekwondo board holds the key of the first red apple from our yard while comfort leaves from a peace lily still live in the basement and below flowers turn to seed as a drywall screw soars.

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