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Water Street Studios
160 S. Water Street Batavia, IL 60510
Gallery Details

An awesome three day art market is coming to Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL! I will have my work for sale in the gallery along with other artists and you can purchase artwork and take it home the same day! What better gift than transcendence through art!

The artworks shown below are for sale at this event.


De-vining is divining and opens the present. The touching of consciousness is neural bliss when vines of passing thought are removed. Buy Print


This drawing tells the story of visualizing the “SRC” or Sense/Reason=Change in the source of different states of mind with different thought bubble arrangements floating and passing. Buy Print


A poem for Dad:
Look at all the golf balls in the sky,
O how they twinkle and fly,
Each star a ball of light,
O how they twinkle at night,
The wholly place is the goal,
The hole is a part of the whole,
Each course will someday die,
Look at all the stars in the sky.


The dove is a symbol of peace and a piece in the puzzle of life. The olive branch is also a symbol of peace and having it glow with neurons shows how peace starts from within. The light rays give hope for a new day and a bright future. Peace is “Paz” in Spanish so the title of the artwork is “Pazzle.” The play on words is to help remember ideas better. Buy Print


Work is discipline in action,
It is a daily battle reaction,
To create order from chaos,
A war of work reminds us,
Happiness is work’s consequence,
And beauty comes from the process,
Live on purpose, war within,
Work hard each day, let’s begin!


The stance of existing where one cannot exist outside of existence is existing where one is a part of existence.


The core of the age of existing is the courage to exist.


The will of the mind is pulled from the well of power. The meditative string of awareness is the rope that aligns well-being from the depths of consciousness. This “wellpower” lights the bucket list to power the present.


Attacking her hunger with spoon and whisk,
Ingredients are measured within a disk.
Pushing and pulling the timer begins,
For tossing sprinkles on banana muffins.

Winterfest Art Market

Water Street Studios and Artisan Collective Batavia Announce the Winterfest Art Market—A Unique Holiday Shopping Experience for Everyone